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What is a Ragdoll Cat?
Ragdoll Kittens
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What is a Ragdoll Cat?

Floppy Loving and Cuddly Giant Teddy Bear Lap Cats

Ragdoll Cats are the giant cuddly teddy bears of the cat world.  With their bunny soft coats and warm loving personalities, the Ragdoll is the most loving and docile cat breed in the world.  Ragdoll cats crave physical contact and companionship and love snuggling for long hours every day with their beloved owners.  Ragdolls make the perfect companion for both their human family, the family dog, and of course other family cats and pets.

Ragdolls get their name because of their tendency for adults to go completely limp when picked up and held.  Their trusting, very calm and docile personality helps ensure a pet that is not likely to scratch or bite and much less likely to have bad habits that can result in damage to homes or furniture.  The Ragdolls laid back temperament makes them a safe and wonderful pet for children and their desire to be held or sit next to their humans make them a fantastic companion for anyone that spends long hours at home.  The loving companionship of a Ragdoll Cat can bring daily joy to the lives of their owners and reduce depression and/or loneliness.   

Ragdoll Cats are a large breed cat, with females ranging from 10 to 17 pounds and males ranging from 14 to 25 pounds. If the Ragdoll personality appeals to you but you are looking for a smaller cat you should consider a Teacup Ragdoll or a Munchkin Cat, as both have very similar temperaments with loving and gentle personalities at less than half the size of a Ragdoll.  Traditional Ragdoll Cats have gorgeous blue eyes and are pointed in color, meaning they have darker coloring on their feet, tails, and on their heads with lighter creamy colors throughout the body (think of a Siamese cat). Ragdolls have a long luxurious coat that is bunny soft and very easy to care for. Brushing once a week is usually all it takes to keep the coat beautiful, mat free, and keep the cats skin healthy so there is almost no shedding.
Many people with cat allergies can easily tolerate a Ragdoll Cat or Kitten in the home.  It has been often said that Ragdolls are hypoallergenic because they have less dander than other cat breeds.  If you do have significant cat allergies and want to have a cat in your home, you can consider a purebred Ragdoll.  See our blog for additional assistance about how to test if you are allergic to Ragdoll Cats.

Ragdoll Cats are very different from most other cat breeds because they have an intense desire to please their humans.  This makes them sometimes seem more like a dog than a cat, and makes them very easy to train.  Training a Ragdoll to stay off of certain furniture, stay out of specific rooms, to use a scratching post, to toilet train, or even to fetch or do other tricks is usually very easy.  Ragdolls are loving and loyal companions that cannot be rivaled by any other cat breed.   RAGDOLL KITTENS AVAILABLE
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