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Ragdoll Kittens

What Is A Sepia Ragdoll Cat?

What is the difference between a Mink Ragdoll and a Sepia Ragdoll?

Sepia Ragdolls are substantially darker coated than their Mink Ragdoll Siblings.  Where Mink Ragdolls can only have Aqua colored Eyes, Sepia Ragdolls can have Blue eyes or a rainbow of other colors.  Sepia Ragdolls often have a plusher coat than their Mink siblings.  Picture of a Sepia Ragdoll Kitten and Sepia Ragdoll Cat below:

Chocolate Mitted Sepia Ragdoll Kitten     Chocolate Tortie Bicolor Sepia Ragdoll Cat

What kittens do I get when a Sepia Ragdoll is bred?

When a Sepia Ragdoll is bred to a Traditional Ragdoll the resulting kittens will all be Minks.  When a Sepia Ragdoll is bred to a Mink Ragdoll the resulting kittens will be 1/2 Minks and 1/2 Sepias.